Custom Javascript

As plannr is meant to be used like a private twitter, you are free to use custom javascript in individual notes along with normal html. These scripts should also work on public pages but that option might be completely disabled in the future if it has security risks.

You can add a note, use devtools to get the noteId and then edit the note with the following to make its background yellow.

Don’t use document.write seems to completely block the whole page.

	var el = $(document).find(`[data-note-id='<noteId>']`).find(".editor-preview");
	$(el).css({"background": "yellow"});

Note content


For a poor man’s kanban you can use html tables.

<table id="table1">



The helper applyMarkdownToTable is available globally which you can use to resnder markdown within the td elements. For more generic uses, you can use converter.makeHtml( text ).

You can use tables for pros / con based decission making.

Plusses Minuses
  • Easy to develop
  • East to deploy
  • Outdated
Language Server
  • New
  • Proxy

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