Supporting Plannr and Notes on Open Source

Is Plannr Open Source ? No.

Unless stated otherwise, all source code in this document and the documentation itself is under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivatives license. Pro subscription users of Plannr will get access to the source code and additional chapters under the same license. As the code is distributed as html webpages, fair use criticism of the source code is allowed under the existing copyright laws. This approach makes more sense for literate programming projects. Some sections of the code are under public domain and those sections are marked as such.

Plannr will be more akin to source available than open-source as it does not make sense to take contributions from others unless they are being compensated for their efforts. In the future options for bug bounties (< 20$) will be explored. If you want to contribute to the project for a substantial amount of time, I am open for discussing direct revenue sharing, which I think is the most transparent way to compensate. The best way to help this project would be reporting issues and documentation fixes.


With > 100 users I will be able to support myself with this project.

With > 200 users I will be able to hire an intern for improvements.

I estimate that 1-10% of income will go to deployment and paying for the bills, 30% will go for marketing. I intend to donate at-least 10% monthly recurring revenue to all the developers whose code has helped me build this project.

I use plannr everyday. I have moved all my 1000+ notes to this project and I am using it daily. I have no intention of moving to yet another note taking system so you can assume plannr will be available for the next 5 years. Should the development cease to continue, the users will get a copy of the code and their data and they will be able to run the setup locally, unlike the sad demise of many useful products like posterous and reader.